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Naagarjun 23 September 2016 Written Update

Yashoda and Maheshwar reach domestic. Tina asks what happened, she saw her with rakshas. Aunt panics and asks why did she go to raskhas, her praays saved her, else rakshas might have killed her. Maheshwar says whole metropolis is panicking and is leaving their homes, she is overacting here. He asks to packs their bags, they will leave from here. Arjun/Rakshas comes there, opens door and blows poison interior home. entire circle of relatives starts suffocating. Noorie comes and shouts to forestall. She throws stone on him. He turns, however Shankchurn comes and drags her away. He thinks Vasuki will should kill Arjun seeing all this. Noorie frees herself and hits Arjun again with a rod. Arjun turns and increases hand, however Shankchurn pushes her and bears a hit. He shouts at Noorie to run from there. She runs.

Arjun starts offevolved following her and stands in the front of her.
Takshak tells Urmi that Vasuki thinks he can shop Arjun, but he does no longer kow it is not possible. He orders Arjun to forget about other and kill pricey ones. Arjun is ready to kill Noorie while he receives this message and adjustments his manner closer to his circle of relatives. Vasuki comes there and thinks he has to keep Arjun’s own family a person and creates an illusion around them. Arjun does no longer be aware them and leaves.

Shankchurn bandages Noorie’s harm and asks what he could have achieved if some thing could hae befell to her. She asks what about uncle and aunty and complete Amroli humans, he is an ACP and his responsibility is to defend human beings. He says he can not fight with rakshas and says simplest Vasuki can assist them, however he denied assist. Noorie asks why. Shanckhurn souts, then apologizes and sends her home. Vasuki comes there. Shankchurn says even humanity could not prevent Arjun, till while he will defend him. Vasuki asks him to assist him find Arjun’s soul. Shankchurn says he isn’t always a fool to assist his enemy. Vasuki says he is aware of he is eyeing on rule naglok and till arjun is with Takshak, he’ll no longer step down. Shankchurn says he can turn out to be ruler of naglok once he gets Arjun away from Takshak.

Shankchurn goes to Mohini and Nagmaya and says he wants to recognize in which Takshak hid Arjun’s soul. Mohini says it’s far impossible to get information from Takshak. He asks her to get information at any price. If he controls Arjun’s soul, he will become king and get Takshak out.

Mohini goes to Takshak and asks why did now not he involve her in his plan. He says that is due to the fact she complains plenty. She says a daughter complains his dad usually, she just wants to assist him. He says he does not agree with even his shadow, he has hidden Arjun’s soul wherein no one can reach there and whoever reaches there’ll die. Mohini says it is a superb plan, where is this area. Takshak asks what’s the cause she is so eager to assist her father, she should recognise Arjun’s soul is where each pleasure dies. He punishes nagmaya and says he trusts his senses than relationships.

Shankchurn asks Nagmaya and Mohini to befriend Vasuki and says if he get Arjun’s soul, even Takshak will be his servant. Mohini says his greed may kill him. He says to get something, one has to lose something, he can do whatever to get throne. he’s going to must locate Arjun’s soul before Vasuki searches it.