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Krishnadasi 23 September 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Its morning, Kumudini asks Nakku to bring breakfast before she die. Shravani says i want to devour out of your hands today, your wonderful grand son will adore it too, Kumudini says sure, you both wanna pass on honeymoon? i desired you each to move abroad, Aryan says i need to focus on work, Shravani says i have to take relaxation too, what if some thing happens to toddler? Kumudini says in recent times doctors say that pregnant girls have to paintings, Shravan says my physician stated that i ought to relaxation. David and Gayetri comes there, Kumudini asks whats this new drama? Gayetri says i want to invite my sister for pag phera ritual, Kumudini says your mother and father scolded her a lot, she cried and now you are inviting her? Gayetri says they despatched us best, it was false impression, Bhamini aaji made us remember that you’re innocent,

Kumudini says i realize that is all drama, if this is real then ask her parents to come and ask for forgiveness, David says they are embarrassed, they want you to return once, Gayetri says its no longer desirable that we dont have right relation, Kumudini says i dont accept as true with you people, she will be able to not come, Shravani says its my figure’s invitation, i can go for positive, Kumudini says have you gone mad? Shravani says my baby will ask me about my dad and mom, what might i tell him? i will pass for sure, Kumudini says that aaba tries to blacken your face, Shravani says my aaji will guard me, Kumudni says if you have notion approximately it then i wont say whatever but dont cry later to me, Shravani says the whole thing is forgiven for circle of relatives, she asks Aryan if he’s going to come? Aryan says i’ve work, Shravani thinks that i cant force you, she thinks that i dont want you to return, Shravani asks nakku to carry chocolates for Gayetri and David, Kumudini says yes. David smirks at Gayetri and offers thumbs up. Uday comes there, Kumudini asks why did you come too? Uday says your love introduced me here but i’ve come for business partnership with Aryan, he says to Aryan that i want to talk to alone, Aryan goes out with him.
Aryan asks Uday what is incorrect with you ? Aradhya is in jail and also you need to speak approximately enterprise? uday says you observed i am silly? thats why i referred to as you on my own, i’ve something important to say. Aryan says i referred to as minister for Aradhya’s case, i need you to include me and meet, Uday says i can come. Shravani hides at the back of pillar, Uday modifications topic and gives report to Aryan and says do study these papers alone, Aryan says you desired to mention something else? Uday says why dont you apprehend unspoken phrases? Aryan takes document from him, Shravani says to Uday that my husband informed you that he doesnt need to study any documents, Uday says i couldnt visit honeymoon with Aradhya so i didnt know you both had exclusive priorities, Aryan places report and starts offevolved to leave, Shravani says i’d have liked in case you had include me for pag phera, Aryan says i have paintings, he go away. Shravani sees report and says he want to do enterprise? never, as the whole thing is in my manage now. She places file in dustbin but Aradhya’s written word falls out. Shravani sees it however doesnt select up and leaves it there.
Gayetri says to Aaba that Shravani agreed to come however my friend denied to give medicinal drug which makes character speak fact, he says that he may be suspended. aaba says then how do we make Shravani blurt out fact? Bhamini says i understand how to make herbal remedy, it makes character dizzy and lose manage, man or woman begins telling you fact in sleepy state, i saw one guy pronouncing truth too, however who will carry those natural medicines? Markand says simply inform me names of these medicines, i will convey it, Banwari says i’m professional in making people be dizzy, just supply me name of it.
Scene 2
Aradhya says dont understand Aryan got my message or no longer, dont recognise what Shravani is planning, God guard Aryan from her. Jailer brings food for Aryan asks her to eat, Aradhya says i’m no longer hungry. Damini says you want to riot in opposition to us? we dont allow each person die, Aradhya says you dont recognise what i’m going through, Damini asks what are you wondering? Aradhya recalls how Uday asked her to not tell reality to each person because it will alert Shravani, she says you were right, i cant keep away from court docket, reality can be observed there, its vain to keep away from food, i’m able to consume it, she takes meals and begins eating it, Damini is stressed and thinks so much alternate? how did she get wish of living once more? Aradhya says i’m able to inform reality to court, Aryan got married but why must i give up my lifestyles? why must i die? Damini says you suggest to say that you’ll say to court docket that you killed in self defense? Aradhya nods, Damini says then why dont provide statement now best? Aradhya says not now not, only in court, Damini thinks that she is hiding some thing from me.
Aryan messages Uday to meet him at mandir, they need to meet minister. He finds report in dustbin, he brings it out and recollects how Uday asked him to examine unstated phrases, he says did Uday wanted to give a few message? he shouts how threw this file in trash? Nakku comes and says i dont know. she leaves. Aryan assessments record but doesnt locate whatever vital, Aradhya’s word is still lying on floor, Aryan takes paper and says its invoice, he says to Nakku that this bill, hold it secure, he gives it to her, she leaves.
Nakku places Aradhya’s be aware on table. Kumudini is sitting through that desk simplest. Shravani comes there and sees that word. She opens it and reads Aradhya’s be aware, she is stunned to examine it. She thinks that my sister is sending notes from prison, she wrote that she will be able to try to come out of jail quickly and that Aryan must no longer trust anyone, she thinks if she were given to know anything about me? she didnt write anything actually, Kumudini asks what are you analyzing? Shravani says medicinal drug prescription.
Minister exams Aradhya’s case and says to Aryan that Aradhya killed Raj? this is good, he thinks that Raj turned into trying to cheat me and now he’s long past, minister says to Aryan that Raj was cheater, smuggler and robbers, its good that he were given killed, Uday says you understand Raj was criminal and Aradhya killed him in self protection, how can she be punished for it? Aryan says she can be given bail, minister says yes but today police is strict, even police thinks earlier than killing criminals, approximately human rights human beings even supposing its self protection, we cant simply name humans and let get bail, we should sweat our hands too, Aryan asks if he is speakme about bribe? minister says no, we are people of people, what if i am getting concerned in case, so for safety i simply need commission for 5years, Aryan is shocked, minister says there may be one answer for this example, you could provide me your home Aryan and case can be solved, Uday says what are you pronouncing? Aryan stops him and says sorry on his behalf, he says i believe it, uday says what? Aryan says that is simply one house, i’m able to give everything for Aradhya, she is my the whole lot, Uday thinks that looks like Aryan examine Aradhya’s message thats why he is trying so hard to unfastened her, Aryan asks minister what he can do? minister says you are lucky i’m going to Krishnawati prison this evening, its about provide and take, supply me papers and free her, aryan says you may not cross empty handed, however my work ought to be executed, he leaves.
Markand and Banwari are crushing herbal drugs, aaba asks its its prepared? they say no, he asks how we do recognize its prepared? Banwari says we should taste to recognize. Bhamini says yes that is only way, Banwari asks Markand to drink and test, Markand says you drink, banwari says no, Markand says you are worried that your fact will come out, Banwari says i’m trustworthy person, they bicker who should drink, Aaba says you both are useless, i can carry someone else, Markand says i will drink, i’ve carried out many sins, i understand i am useless son in regulation, i didnt give happiness on your daughter, i dont recognize what truth will pop out after consuming it, perhaps i will die but i will recognize that i did some thing good before loss of life, he beverages natural medication, he feels dizzy and says to Banwari that i am seeing the entirety, you used to scouse borrow in aaba’s manufacturing unit, you aren’t any loyal, you abused aaba infront of Kumudini, Banwari says speak about yourself, no longer me, Aaba says Markand tell fact, we would recognize if its effective, Markand i’m largest jerk, i requested Shivangi to return to your private home as i desired to experience in your cash, however Shuvangi left me and i left her, i held your hand so you hold giving me money, i did the entirety in opposition to you, i stole from you and i also had eye.. Banwari says sufficient, he’s saying reality, this can be cease of shravani, he says to Aaba that if i go away you again then i must die like canine, Markand says me too, Aaba thinks that Shravani’s reality will come out now.
Shravani is in her room and recollects how aryan saved her from properly, how Aradhya promised to lead them to marry, how they were given married, she says i’ve come close to destination, i wont flow lower back despite the fact that its for aaba, aaji, sister or mother and father, whoever will come in my way, i will weigh down them, my poor country have taught to grab what you cant get. She seems at poison bottle and says my family, i’m coming to cease your lives. Flashback suggests how Bhamini saw Shravani placing pillow on stomach, she is taken aback and starts to depart however Shravani sees her and says what the hell? why didnt i close door, now she will be able to deliver my fact out, i really like aaji but i like my dream and Aryan greater, my dream money cash, fb ends. Shravani says my aaji notion i didnt see her, i noticed her after which came invitation from own family, now could be end of my own family with my aaji and i will deal with Aradhya too, Shravani says consider concept? she writes notice and smirks. She says now this observe will cease Aradhya, all finished in a single move.
Aaba says to Bhamini that Shravani believes you so you make her drink this natural medication, make her drink it, her fact will pop out and Aradhya will pop out of jail.
Jailer involves dancer and gives her lunchbox pronouncing your relative despatched it, dancer says my relative? jailer says take it, consume and come to my cabin, she leaves. Dancer sees meals in lunchbox and sees Barkha/Shravani’s note, it reads that do what i am saying to get out of prison otherwise you may rot will prison. Dancer says looks as if she has antique animosity with Aradhya.
Damini says to inmates of jail that nowadays minister is coming right here and i need to welcome him properly, photograph should now not be tarnished, perhaps he’s going to reduce your punishment seeing your properly behavior, she says you’ll wear your personal clothes today, all depart. Damini stops dancer Kamli and Aradhya, she says Kamli you will welcome minister, right? Kamli is harassed but nods, she leaves. Damini says to Aradhya that i can make you talk to minister, tell him that you killed Raj in self defense, perhaps he’ll free you, she leaves. Aradhya says i’m hoping Aryan read my note, my own family, Uday and Aryan need to continue to be store from Shravani’s planning.